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kidOYO 2017 Learning Experience at Stony Brook University

"We're not all having the same experience. We don't want to either."~ @Dev

OYO = Individual learning...

Our mentors at this New York State University (top 5 CS program, by research outcomes) are top performers (3.2-4.0 GPA). Working within our volunteer professional developer community, they contribute time, talents and energy to young people, and receive access to opportunities to work with advanced technical challenges.

K12 students opt-in to our programs. Coding is a subject that everyone should touch at least briefly (2 hours), and kidOYO students are aggressively interested, interacting with various learning pathways we support. This is a highly-managed process, with the goal of providing Individual kids with their personal OYO experience.

Our Fall 2015 semester ran a 2:1 student:mentor ratio at Stony Brook University. Several students and mentors were absent from the picture above, it having been taken after the end of the official SBU semester and travel schedule. When asked, "what did you learn", it can at times be challenging to talk about coding education between parent and child, mentor and parent. Unless they possess technical proclivities, the conversation can be strained to find mutually understood words. And when no two kids are doing the same thing, and many groups of completely unrelated things are happening simultaneously... well, good luck!

And yet, with the choice to be an active participant, reading and supporting efforts by young people to build creative skills, by use of math, art, logic, communication, team work, or infinite other possibilities... a love or lack of interest will emerge. Games can be immensely useful in this learning process, but they can also be immensely distracting. There is a distinction, and you should challenge your own child to find it. With a creative learning goal, creative consumption must be informed by the value of sustained interactions and their effect on personal creativity.

We endeavor to deliver to kids an opportunity to learn equal in value to what they wish to create for themselves. Learning paths have been audited. Admission is opt-in. Progression is self-led. Mentors support the room, not by doing anything for anyone...but to open doors, to instigate questions, to demonstrate outcomes, and to lead with process, evaluation and guidance in real time.

Simultaneously, we are developing a learning platform. We add functions while learning sessions are happening. We test our mentors with skill challenges of utility to our growing team of developers working on this platform. We build it for our own community, and we are growing communities everywhere we find leaders.

Each University that you find us partnering with represents a leader on the ground. Each K12 school that you see us partnering with represents a leader on the ground...maybe many... and hopefully many more! Local leaders are in short supply everywhere. We reject a vision of education that lacks local leadership by people who care and understand how to create personal power for all, beyond a paycheck.

We are fortunate to work with many talented people. Behind that opportunity, we are committed to the parents that make this possible. Our parent community, no matter the name they operate under, or the county, or the state... are the entire reason this is happening. The relationship between kid and parent has set this type of education on fire, and with the tools we are building, and the methods we are using to build young minds... the future is without precedent or limit.

Join the ride.

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